Entire Beast Wars II Series Released with English Subs by Karyuudo Fansubs

Beast Wars Release Redone

What a fantastic surprise today ~ Beast Wars II is now available with English subs and can be downloaded immediately. THE ENTIRE SERIES. I never thought I’d ever get to see this series in is entirety and am super stoked about that, but wow Karyuudo Fansubs has really gone above and beyond on this one. The quality is fantastic and super bonus points for all of the thoughtful organization and extra goodies in the package as well. It’s obvious a  lot of love went into this project ~ there are some really awesome treats here for anyone ever interested in Beast Wars II. Very super large thanks to Karyuudo Fansubs for this amazing gift.

This wonderful Unicorn.com post summarizes what you can look forward to in the download package.

Fire up your favorite Torrent client and grab this awesome release now: Beast Wars II / Beast Wars Special – Karyuudo Fansubs

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