Dena Sunsetting Transformers Battle Tactics


Time to add yet another casualty to Dena’s resume. Hot on the heels of my League placing in the Top 100 this event, Dena announces both in-game and on their Facebook page that they will be sunsetting Transformers Battle Tactics. Earth Wars can’t come soon enough – see you all there!

TRANSFORMERS: Battle Tactics players,
We have made the tough decision today to sunset TRANSFORMERS: Battle Tactics.

As of February 25, there will be no further features added to the game. On 3/10, all In-App Purchases will be disabled, forums will be closed, and the game will be removed from Google Play, the Apple App Store, and Amazon App Store.

To thank our loyal players, we will kick off a grand finale farewell event featuring some of the most popular characters and items. The event will run from March 11 until the servers close on May 12. We are proud to have worked on TRANSFORMERS: Battle Tactics and hope you have enjoyed your time with the game as much as we have.

-The Transformers: Battle Tactics team