‘Deception Returns’ Robots In Disguise [2002] Promo CD & Stickers


This is an oldie but a goodie. This CD is one of my favorite Transformer promo items currently in my possession.

This CD was given out by Hasbro during Toy Fair 2002 to promote Robots In Disguise, a US imported and English dubbed version of the Takara Japan Anime, Car Robots 2000. A matching Decepticon ‘Deception Returns’ sticker was also handed out alongside an Autobot brand sticker with the tagline ‘Heroes Return’.

If I remember correctly, the Autobot sticker was also available in greater quantity later that year as well. Botcon perhaps…?

Check out the sideshow below while you play the 2 tracks!

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Transformers Theme Song [Radio Mix]

Transformers Theme Song [Club Mix]