1997 Beast Wars Activity Books


Check out these scans of awesome Beast Wars Activity Books published by Pancake Press in 1997! Each book in the series contains a different activity type and is fully sanctioned by Hasbro.

The cover of each of these books featured a wrap-around image taken from the Mainframe TV show, some awesome logo-age and a ‘tech spec’ card. The ‘tech spec’ card featured the type of activities contained within (affectionately referred to as ‘Function’) and also what number the book is in the series. In lieu of a traditional ‘tech spec’ description, there seems to be an on-going story connecting all of these fun activity books!

We conveniently transcribed what we know so far for you below. (*Typos & grammar unedited)


PT. 1 – Function: Trace & Color
In a galaxy far from our own shines the gleaming metalic world known as cybertron. Its inhabitants are powerful sentient robots with their own advanced culture and civilisation. These robots fall into two classes: The Maximals ~ a race of beneficent robots who use their powers to build and defend their world. (cont. Pt. 2)

PT. 3 – Function: Paint with Water
From Energon powerful weapons could be forged. It was obvious that which ever side controlled it would have an overwhelming advantage in the struggle. A band from each race was sent to this world (Earth) to gather Energon and at the same time prevent the other side from obtaining it. The Autobots won this struggle and the Decepticons went into hiding to plan for another day. A day which has not come …yet. (cont. Pt. 4)

PT. 4 – Function: Sticker Fun
The original discovery of Earth by Cybertron came about through a Golden Disc, found in a probe (Voyager) sent by Earth’s human inhabitants in 1997. This disc resided in the Cybertron Hall of Knowledge. Megatron (the most feared leader of the Predacons) engineered the theft of the Disk. He and his band of followers escaped Cybertron in a Transwarp ship. Destination…Earth. (cont. Pt. 5)

While we have learned much about the Beast Wars, I feel that many questions remain…

What happened in Parts 2 & 5?
What types of Activities may the pages of those books hold?
Is there a Part 6?

If you have any of the missing books, please contact us. We’d love to compete the story!

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