BotCon Japan 2000 Car Robots Tai Exclusive


This unofficial Tai figure was available exclusively at BotCon Japan 2000. The figure is made of a gorgeous red translucent PVC representing Tai’s hologram form as seen in the anime. The figure’s card features the Car Robots logo, the Autobot brand and playfully designates Tai as ‘0001’. The back of the card is laid out similarly to official Takara figures from the Car Robots line – even using the same art. The back of the package also features a tech spec for Tai and an impressive total of ‘0’ Robot Points.

Beast Wars Metal Monument Megatron


This die-cast metal statue of the Beast Wars leader Megatron was sold exclusively in Japan in 1999. The statue’s copyright stamp reads both 1996, and 1997 Takara. The statue came packed in a box printed with original character art  by Hirofumi Ishikawa. The box includes one statue, one base, and two interchangeable heads to illustrate the original ‘Mutant Head’ feature of the character’s toy counterparts.

Beast Wars Metal Monument Beast Convoy


This die-cast metal statue of the Beast Wars leader Beast Convoy (Optimus Primal) was sold exclusively in Japan. The statue’s copyright stamp reads both 1996, and 1997 Takara. The statue came packed in a box printed with original character art  by Hirofumi Ishikawa. The box includes one statue, one base, and two interchangeable heads to illustrate the original ‘Mutant Head’ feature of the character’s toy counterparts.

2002 RiD Party Lights by Brainwave Toys




  • 5 Autobot insignia plastic light casings (2 1/2″ tall each)
  • 2 RID Optimus Prime plastic light casings (3 1/2″ tall each, head to foot)
  • 2 RID Megatron plastic light casings (3 1/2″ tall each, wing-tip to foot)
  • 1 TV TOYS logo plastic light casing (2″ tall)
  • 1 string of 10 lights (9′ long)
  • 1 “blinker” light
  • 1 replacement bulb
  • 1 replacement fuse
  • MSRP: $19.99

Note: This review was originally posted in 2003 and it sadly looks like Brainwave Toys is now defunct. As a result some links will no longer work in the review. Regardless, broken links do not take away from this awesome light set. Still recommended. -Ed.

Ready for some officially-licensed party madness? BRAINWAVE TOYS has obtained the rights to produce party lights based on several nostalgic brand names including our favorite bots from Cybertron, The Transformers! The set, due out in November of this year, features the Robots In Disguise versions of Optimus Prime (battle mode) and Megatron. We were lucky enough to score a set for review.



The packaging for the set is very reminiscent of the Robots In Disguise line. They took care to use the correct fonts and maintained the general feel of the actual toy line. At the same time Brainwave also incorporated their own personal touch into the design. The cut out window is similar to the television picture screen in the TV Toys icon. Also notice the TV knob in the bottom right hand corner. The window is nice and big and gives you a good feel for what the product has to offer.

The light casings for this set are surprisingly show and toy accurate. The level of detail is nice to see on a non-toy item … in fact, the only part that seems a little off is Megatron’s face. And that appears to be caused by the paint application. They are molded in translucent plastic … red for Optimus and purple for Megatron. This allows the lights to shine through and make the figures glow. While much of the figures’ detail comes from their molds, some of it also comes from the paint applications and the separate pieces that attach to their backs. Optimus has yellow, white, black, and silver paint and his fire ladder. A nice detail is that his ladder is folded at the bottom, exactly as it is in his toy form. Megatron has teal, red, black and silver paint and his detachable wings. You CAN take them off … but who would want to? Notice how they did not paint over Megatron’s spark crystal … it glows purple when the lights are plugged in. It’s also nice to see that they remembered to arm Megatron with his double-edged weapon. It adds a lot to the figure.

Most of the set is made up of Autobot insignias molded in white and red plastic. I’ve seen a few Transformers products have funny looking symbols, but they got it right. It’s also worth mentioning that these seem to be modeled after the original G1 symbols rather than the stockier RID Autobot symbols. This is where I offer my biggest (possibly only) problem with the set. I would have liked to have seen some Decepticon or Predacon symbols mixed in. Especially since the set includes Optimus and Megatron.

The last plastic casing included in the set is the TV TOYS logo. At first I did not like the idea of including this as part of the set. But after looking at it for a while, it grew on me. It IS a nice logo … and it represents this new company who is taking the time and energy to bring us a nice quality piece of merchandise. Some people may not agree with me on this point, but I ended up liking it.

There is also a plastic bag with a few extras. It contains a replacement light bulb and a replacement fuse for the string. It also comes with a special “blinker” bulb. It is designed to replace one of the regular light bulbs. When it is attached to the string it causes all of the other lights to blink on and off. I thought that this was a very nice touch.

Some people have criticized and wondered why, of all of The Transformers incarnations, was Robots In Disguise chosen to be produced? Let’s just say that this is only the first set of Transformers lights we will be seeing from Brainwave … other sets are in the planning stages, including Armada and Generation 1 with Optimus Prime and Megatron. The G1 set will be out for the 2003 holiday season. Also, next year Brainwave is aiming for a broader distribution including Target, Wal-Mart and FAO Schwarz.

Overall, I think the set will appeal to the die-hard collectors, the casual fan AND the children who the toy line was actually marketed towards. They call them “party lights” but can obviously be used to decorate bedrooms, collection rooms, cars (if you have the proper outlets) and Christmas trees. This is the kind of product that makes you wonder why no one has made these before and proves that there is an interest in non-toy Transformers merchandise.


For those who are curious, the other party lights being produced by Brainwave this holiday season are GI Joe, Tonka Trucks, Twister, Scrabble, Hungry Hungry Hippos, Mr. Potato Head, Candy Land, Barrel of Monkeys and Monopoly. You can see pictures of all of the sets HERE. (Link now defunct. -Ed.)

Thank you to Steve Hsu at Brainwave for all of the help and information. We look forward to more products from this hot new company!


Enjoy the pics and don’t forget to check out the interview with Steve Hsu, Marketing Director of Brainwave Toys, over at

UK Beast Wars Transmetals Promotional Glass


Exclusive to the UK in 1998, these Transmittal glasses were given out with the purchase of a deluxe or mega sized Beast Wars Transmittal figure and change color when cold. They’re great to stick in the freezer in prep for a nice icy beverage!


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Beast Wars Metals Dash!! Choco Wind-Ups


These wind-up toys were released by Kabaya in Japan during the airing of the Beast Wars Metals television anime in 1999. There are 4 versions available featuring SD Versions of our favorite Transmittal Leaders; Optimus Prime robot mode, Optimus Prime beast mode, Megatron robot mode w/ feet, and Megatron robot mode w/ skates.


Energon Birthday Cards


In 2004 Hasbro teamed up with American Greetings to produce Transformers Energon Birthday cards. You can see 3 different versions of the cards in the gallery. The Super Optimus Prime and Unicorn feature die-cut and the Super Optimus Prime one even has sparkles!

1997 Beast Wars Activity Books


Check out these scans of awesome Beast Wars Activity Books published by Pancake Press in 1997! Each book in the series contains a different activity type and is fully sanctioned by Hasbro.

The cover of each of these books featured a wrap-around image taken from the Mainframe TV show, some awesome logo-age and a ‘tech spec’ card. The ‘tech spec’ card featured the type of activities contained within (affectionately referred to as ‘Function’) and also what number the book is in the series. In lieu of a traditional ‘tech spec’ description, there seems to be an on-going story connecting all of these fun activity books!

We conveniently transcribed what we know so far for you below. (*Typos & grammar unedited)


PT. 1 – Function: Trace & Color
In a galaxy far from our own shines the gleaming metalic world known as cybertron. Its inhabitants are powerful sentient robots with their own advanced culture and civilisation. These robots fall into two classes: The Maximals ~ a race of beneficent robots who use their powers to build and defend their world. (cont. Pt. 2)

PT. 3 – Function: Paint with Water
From Energon powerful weapons could be forged. It was obvious that which ever side controlled it would have an overwhelming advantage in the struggle. A band from each race was sent to this world (Earth) to gather Energon and at the same time prevent the other side from obtaining it. The Autobots won this struggle and the Decepticons went into hiding to plan for another day. A day which has not come …yet. (cont. Pt. 4)

PT. 4 – Function: Sticker Fun
The original discovery of Earth by Cybertron came about through a Golden Disc, found in a probe (Voyager) sent by Earth’s human inhabitants in 1997. This disc resided in the Cybertron Hall of Knowledge. Megatron (the most feared leader of the Predacons) engineered the theft of the Disk. He and his band of followers escaped Cybertron in a Transwarp ship. Destination…Earth. (cont. Pt. 5)

While we have learned much about the Beast Wars, I feel that many questions remain…

What happened in Parts 2 & 5?
What types of Activities may the pages of those books hold?
Is there a Part 6?

If you have any of the missing books, please contact us. We’d love to compete the story!