‘The Transformers: Call of the Future’ 2003 Japanese PS2 Video Game Trailer


Promo Trailer for the Japanese PlayStation 2 Video Game ‘The Transformers: Call of the Future’ (Transformers: Tatakai) developed by Winkysoft and released in 2003. Features some pretty fun G1 CGI cut scenes including fights between Convoy (Optimus Prime) and Megatron, as well as Rodimus and Galvatron. Looks fun! Too bad this never made it to the states. Please let us know if you’ve ever played this game and how it is!

1996 Beast Wars: Transformers Commercial


In the beginning came the beasts and all that creeps, crawls and flies…
But Nature lies, they’re Robots in Disguise. (Beast Wars)
Beast Wars, the next step in Transformers. Each sold separately. (Beast Wars)

Featuring CG versions of 2 of my favorite all time ‘flip-changers’ Optimus (Batimus) Primal and Megatron aka Megalligator. Quite possibly one of the oldest Beast Wars commercials?

Taken from the CD-Rom included in the Takara Transformers Beast Wars VS-S1 release.