‘The Transformers: Call of the Future’ 2003 Japanese PS2 Video Game Trailer


Promo Trailer for the Japanese PlayStation 2 Video Game ‘The Transformers: Call of the Future’ (Transformers: Tatakai) developed by Winkysoft and released in 2003. Features some pretty fun G1 CGI cut scenes including fights between Convoy (Optimus Prime) and Megatron, as well as Rodimus and Galvatron. Looks fun! Too bad this never made it to the states. Please let us know if you’ve ever played this game and how it is!

Beast Wars II Pencil Board


This Beast Wars II pencil board was released in Japan by Takara in 1998. The front of the board features art of Lio Convoy and Galvatron with some cool cross sections giving us a peek at their inner workings. The photos and general design of the back of the board are recycled from the catalogs that were included with the Beast Wars II figures.

Takara G1 Rodimus (C-77) Vs. Galvatron (D-62) Vinyl Figures


This official 1986 Takara Transformers Vs. set features Rodimus (C-77) Vs. Galvatron (D-62) and was only available in Japan. The figures are made of vinyl and are about 5″ high in height and feature articulation at the shoulders.

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