Sonokong Korean Beast Wars II Catalog


This is the toy catalog included with the 1998 Sonokong Beast Wars II figures. Sonokong was an officially licensed manufacturer of Takara Beast Wars II figures for the Korean market. While the Sonokong figures themselves were practically indistinguishable from their Japan counterparts; the packaging, instructions and inserts were redesigned for the Korean market.

Really loving those halfway transformed shots!

UK Beast Wars Transmetals Promotional Glass


Exclusive to the UK in 1998, these Transmittal glasses were given out with the purchase of a deluxe or mega sized Beast Wars Transmittal figure and change color when cold. They’re great to stick in the freezer in prep for a nice icy beverage!


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Beast Wars II Pencil Board


This Beast Wars II pencil board was released in Japan by Takara in 1998. The front of the board features art of Lio Convoy and Galvatron with some cool cross sections giving us a peek at their inner workings. The photos and general design of the back of the board are recycled from the catalogs that were included with the Beast Wars II figures.